March in the Palm Desert Heat

March 20th, 2017 | by Annie
March in the Palm Desert Heat

Ok so we were ready to try something unique and refreshingly different for this St. Patrick’s Day so we dialed in the gps for Palm Desert, CA. It’s only a couple hours away from Hollywood and 15 minutes from busy Palm Springs so it’s a great locale for a girls getaway spent relaxing and pampering at the spa and yet still providing plenty of things to do by day and unlimited night life options.


For this years St. Patrick’s Day shannanigans we visited this really cool restaurant which had a secluded speak easy in the back with live music and dancing. They played all the hits on this Irish of all Irish nights and we ran into some nice fellas from West Point military academy. Let’s not sugar coat these men were Southern beefcakes who were well dressed and mannerly young gentlemen among us ladies. They danced and had all kinds of great conversation, intermittently taking selfies with us during the key moments of course. They actually had a very cool elderly gentleman who was their omnipresent chaperone let them know when it was time to go back to their rooms for some sleep.


We stayed at the hotel JW Marriot which placed us comfortably at the center of Palm Desert where it is all happening. The next morning we spent an entire day at the beautiful pool and there was a guy there who called himself “Bird Man” and he manages an actual hawk which is trained to scare away the other freeloading birds while cash-paying hotel guests can chill out pool side. It’s definitely a fun twist to an otherwise beautiful and inviting pool scene. The hawk seemed to have no problem with letting the public take pictures of him while he was in standby mode.


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