Don Rickles, Comedian, Actor, Father, Dies

April 6th, 2017 | by Annie
Don Rickles, Comedian, Actor, Father, Dies

It is with heavy heart that we report that funny man Don Rickles has passed away today at the mighty age of 90 years.

Don was a an actor with a pugnacious style, bald since forever. He acted in numerous films and he was most famous for his career as part of the Rat Pack. The Rat Pack included Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis. Don always had fond things to say about becoming a member of this not quite elite but exceedingly cool group of actors and crooners.
Dean Martin Show Most recently Mr. Rickles was famous for his voice roll in all three Toy Story films as Mr. Potato Head by Pixar and the Walt Disney Studios.

Mr. Rickles, was the subject of his son Larry Rickles documentary film “Mr. Warmth” The Don Rickles Project which won an Emmy in 2008. Tragically passed away in 2011 son who had passed away about 10 years ago and is survived by his daughter Mindy Rickles and wife Barbara Rickles. The Rickles family were a tight knit group but extremely friendly and generous in their glittery community of Beverly Hills (a few streets up from Sunset Boulveard). They also kept a Malibu home in the Point Dume area, near Johnny Carson who’s Tonight Show Mr. Rickles had appeared as a guest comedian many a time.

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