Review: Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit

January 20th, 2016 | by Annie
Review: Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit

We were out with friends for a night of theater and dinner on my birthday this January.  The night began at the Ahmanson Theater where we watched Angela Lansbury perform spectacularly in Blithe Spirit. Angle Lansbury is 89 years old and you’d never know it as you watch her dance, sing, vocalize and entertain to such a high degree on stage before a couple thousand people.  Having said that the all British cast was extraordinary and each were up to the task of making this show a tremendous success with the Los Angeles audience.

The first act started smart, quick and funny – continuing at that pace until the Intermission arrived.  We needed a break as we were roaring with laughter throughout the show. During the break we made a run to the bar for a cocktail and some nibbles.  Great environment there at the Ahmanson and I’d certainly visit again for another play.  Now the second act was almost as funny as the start however there were parts where it may have shown its age. Noël Coward wrote Blithe Spirit for the London stage in 1941 and while it’s whiplash quick humor was made for the English, it still holds up very well today.  Just be prepared for some banter that made perfect sense to Britain’s of that era and you’ll probably glide through this rather exceptionally funny play.

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