Memorial Day Weekend and Peninsula Fire

May 29th, 2018 | by Annie
Memorial Day Weekend and Peninsula Fire
On Location

We started our weekend with a walk through Castaways Park in Newport Beach where the good citizens had placed 1776 flags with little stories about patriots from recent and previous wars. Each story so unique and interesting some dating from the 1860’s to today. Some vets with roots in Orange County and beyond.  Entitled “Field of Honor” it was a beautiful, heartfelt sentiment and is put together each year by volunteers from the Newport Beach Exchange Club. Each flag was made possible by a $45 donation from regular folks who felt it would were right in believing it would be a worthy tribute.

Castaways Park includes a statue which is dedicated to the forgotten soldier. The statue is placed prominently at Castaways “loops edge” overlooking the Newport Beach harbor and Pacific Ocean. This place truly provides one of the best vistas anywhere in Newport Beach.

As we continued on our walk we spotted what looked like a large fire somewhere on the Newport Beach Peninsula. We found out later that it was a someone celebrating Memorial Day weekend with friends where a bbq fire got a bit out of control. The Newport Beach Fire Department quickly extinguished the fire and thank goodness nobody was hurt.  The smoke had disappeared within 15 minutes of our spotting it.  Let’s hope those poor folks were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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