Crystal Cove Walk

May 1st, 2018 | by Annie
Crystal Cove Walk
On Location

There is a stretch of Newport Beach where manicured neighborhoods and cafe’s end and wildlife reveals itself in the most beautiful of ways. The wild life park starts in Newport Beach and ends at the entrance to Laguna Beach. In total this nature refuge includes 3.2 miles of beach and 2,400 acres of backcountry wilderness along with an offshore underwater area for divers.

It’s a fabulous little park this Crystal Cove and sure there’s a row of historic cottages built after WWII by veterans along with a cafe and restaurant serving up adult beachfront beverages but today I’m here for the fresh air and exercise. It’s MY weekend and great opportunity to clear my mind along with the ol’ cobwebs! I’m on a good long walk and taking in the sites and sounds of coastal-life.

Doctors recommend that we do two and a half hours of moderate activity a week, or an hour and a quarter of vigorous exercise, either of the two in ten-minute bursts. In earlier studies it was thought that running causes more injuries to joints and muscles but recently studies have shown that exercise can actually be good for our joints and ward off arthritis in the long term.

That means any good physical activity, not only long runs, can be great for your heart. The best activity includes walking, as long as you feel warmer, breathe harder and your heart beats faster than usual.

Walking, jogging or running, it doesn’t matter. Staying active is key to weight control, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol and helps keep you mentally fit.

Every now and again I run into some of my followers and I’m always up for a some good chat so don’t be shy!

Here we are on the street which leads back home!

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