Champagne Tasting in Pacific City

April 14th, 2018 | by Annie
Champagne Tasting in Pacific City

I despise floral arrangements and French champagne bores me – said no woman ever!

Ladies, let’s say you find yourself windows down, hair blowing in the wind along PCH in Huntington Beach, California and need to pick up a few items at H&M in the Pacific City mall to boost your daily look. Well, 14,000 square feet and 45 minutes of shopping later you might find yourself jonesing for a juicy bite to eat followed by that sweet bubbly and effervescent French beverage known as champagne (or California sparkling wine). There are numerous lovely eateries at Pacific City but what matters is the finish. If you don’t already know it, champagne is always the French way to finish a meal, usually served along side desert and toasted amongst close friends or acquaintances. One of the best interpretations of this unique approach to life can be found at Petals & Pop where in lieu of sweets you can indulge in an original French floral bouquet made as you sip from their super cute champagne concept. They offer several champagne choices all served in beautifully delicate antique champagne glasses.

I say that any shopping day where you find yourself with good friends and a glass or two of champagne in hand is a winner in my book.

Petals and Pop Huntington Beach is located in the beautiful Pacific City outdoor shopping center, offering free 20min drive up parking off of Pacific View Ave. and Huntington St.

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