Things to see and do on Hollywood Blvd

November 7th, 2017 | by Annie
Things to see and do on Hollywood Blvd

We had a Sunday afternoon with nothing planned so we set about trying things new to us. The day began with a shopping at The Grove on Fairfax. Nordstrom, Gap, Zara and the Apple Store.

The Grove

Exhausted from shopping and starvation setting in we jumped in our car and cruised a couple miles up the road miraculously finding parking at Fred Segal’s Mauro Cafe on Melrose.

Mauro Cafe is the celeb watching destination of choice for this area of town and although we didn’t spot anyone this particular day we were able to take in the superb food and service. They immediately set down these beautiful greek olives and fresh bread with oil while you wait for your order and we shared a sparkling water which was pored by our server. The food arrived possibly 10 minutes later and this place was packed inside and out. Honestly, it’s such a cute cafe that we completely got lost in conversation and couldn’t get over how delicious both the Shrimp Penne Arrabbiatta and Seafood Linguini were. We were offered both parmesan cheese and fresh ground pepper toppings. Yes! The waitress followed up with a tray full of desserts to choose from and I naturally selected the Chocolate Mousse. I could tell you how light and delicate but that doesn’t do justice to this delightful end of meal treat! Whatever you do please add this Mauros Cafe to your lunch options you won’t regret it. Call ahead for your reservation as lines build up quickly.

Back in our car we crawled our way along Sunset rocking out to Taylor Swift’s new album and onto Hollywood Blvd where we found inexpensive Public parking on N Cherokee Avenue. We walked over to Musso and Frank’s and the place was packed but we squeezed ourselves into the standing room only bar ordering a couple drinks. This is considered an old-time Hollywood haunt where Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall…you get the idea. This was THE place to eat and be seen. However, the restaurant is in dire need of an update because paint is peeling and wood chipping – they need that tv show Bar Rescue to come and rescue their patrons. Just when we settled in we were charged $45.00 for a couple of rather standard cocktails so we decided it was time to go.

We walked about half a block up Hollywood Blvd, crossed the street and strolled right past the Egyptian Theater (which was closed for repairs) and into Pig N Whistle where we immediately ordered the exact same cocktails yet at at a much more moderate price. This restaurant and bar is similarly an old Hollywood hangout. Once we sat down at the bar we were immediately waited on by a friendly bar tender. We ordered another round of cocktails and by this time we decided we needed a little something to keep us going, we ordered french fries. These were set down in front of us fresh from the kitchen and included a dipping sauce that tasted very much like french onion soup. Let me say the marriage of fries and this sauce is pure genious. Try it and you’ll find out for yourself. You’ll thank me! We paid our bill, leaving a sweet tip for the great service and atmosphere. The roof is all original, unique woodwork which dazzles the eye a couple sips in from your vodka martini. They have all types of events there including what sounds very cool – Celebrity Karaoke, Thursdays from 10 to midnight.

We were close to our scheduled movie time of 3:00pm at the Arclight so we jumped back into our car and huffed it back to Sunset Blvd. Parking was easy and efficient. We bought tickets via our phone on and arrived a few minutes before the trailers rolled so we ordered a few more cocktails. The theaters are big and beautiful and it’s a relatively new venue and has that great THX sound a screen system in place. We saw ‘Lady Bird’ which I’ll provide a review of in a separate article.

So that was our Sunday in Hollywood. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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