Red O night out

January 25th, 2017 | by Annie
Red O night out

On this crisp winter night in Newport Beach we were out celebrating a girlfriend’s birthday at Red O mexican restaurant and bar. The restaurant itself provides a beautiful and dramatic entrance. Valet parking is available although there is plenty of self parking close by. Once you arrive inside the restaurant doors you are immersed in walls of tequila with each bottle lit from beneath creating a unique quilt work of colors. Once we let the hostess know we were there for cocktails and apps we made our little high heeled walk to the bar and found several seats, with a couple of us preferring to stand. We started the night in a festive way with shots of Patron tequila, followed by margaritas around. Owned by celebrity chef Rick Bayless the restaurant’s giant horseshoe shaped bar is where we spent most of our evening sharing stories, offering toasts and enjoying cocktails along with a few choice appetizers which included chips with Classic guacamole and Mary’s Duck Taquitos. You can’t go wrong with guacamole, c’mon… Now the duck taquitos were quite a surprise and I can only highly recommend both at your next stop at Red O.

The restaurant itself has a modern Las Vegas night club look and feel which is to say it’s dark, warmly lit, comfortable and calming yet not as impressive as the entrance or the bar for that matter. But of course when you’re sitting down for a delicious meal maybe less visual distractions is best and Red O had a plan to make it so.

Out of 5 stars, I give the bar at Red O 4 stars. The drink service was friendly and relatively quick. The appetizers tasty and the duck taquitos fun but I wouldn’t say they were exceptional. Of course my friends and I made it a special night and we will certainly be back for more night’s out at Red O.


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  1. Sal33 says:

    It’s a pretty cool restaurant, they’ve got the best tequila

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