Hump-Day Crepes!

April 6th, 2017 | by Annie
Hump-Day Crepes!

Yes, so I was struggling Wednesday afternoon after I had forgot to pick up my dress from the cleaners which I had planned to wear for a client meeting the following morning. After accepting it was futile to pout and worry any longer I figured it was time to dig into something delicious light yet savory and reminded me of France. I checked the schedule for our Crepes Bonaparte food truck and knew I had to set aside time to arrive early because the line can grow exponentially if you’re slow out the gate. I was third in line as the truck arrived and for my order this day I selected the SouthWestern! With this order you get grilled peppers, onion, avocado, seasoned chicken, some sharp cheddar and a smoky/spicy chipolte sauce. I also ordered a San Pellegrino clementina soda because all that savory needs to be washed down with a deliciously light beverage. You wouldn’t choose a overly sweet Orange Crush as your soda but then I digress.
I found a shaded table as it was about 70 degrees and quite sunny at 6pm in the afternoon. Once settled into my chair I soon had forgotten all about the fact I had missed the dry cleaners closing time. This wonderful french fast food gave me time to come up with a wonderful alternative dress I hadn’t even thought about. Sure the dress stuck at the cleaners was cute and yet business like but the one I came up with in the end was by far a better alternative.

These are the things you learn about yourself when the chips are down. Sure it can happen to anyone but I have to remember to never panic and realize nothing is all that bad if you have a nearby food truck which serves up hot and fragrant French crepes! Yes, I realize it was a SouthWestern crepe but I have had their mozzarella spinach crepe and I can safely say it’s another winner!

If you find yourself in the greater Orange County area of Southern California you absolutely need to look these guys up online to find out where they’re scheduled to be. In fact they have scheduled service far in advance – we’re talking months, not weeks! You’ll find them like you would your favorite traveling band like this singer named Dave Wakeling, formerly lead singer with the 80’s band English Beat who tend to play regularly several times a year at the Coach House in San Clemente, CA.

See! Already I’m over it and my mind has drifted away from the worry and I’m planning a night out to see a cool band at my local club. If you see me at the Coach House be sure to stop by and say hello. Cheers!

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