Hike through Santa Monica Mountains

March 26th, 2017 | by Annie
Hike through Santa Monica Mountains
On Location


Los Liones Trail, Santa Monica is a rather steep but worthy 2.6 mile walk through some of Southern California’s most deliciously rugged mountain scenery. At each switchback you get a peak of the gorgeous deep blue ocean below and with the chaparral as thick as it is here you really do lose yourself. Now depending on the time of year you make the trail it will either be golden colored shrubs or after the occasional a delicious evergreen.


Those eager for more can continue up the fire road to Parker Mesa Overlook in Topanga State Park. Otherwise, return down the Los Liones Trail to complete a 2.6-mile out and back trek.

To arrive at the entrance to Los Liones Topanga State Park on the right side of the cul-de-sac at the end of Los Liones Drive in the Pacific Palisades. Head north up the east side of the canyon on a dirt single track. Ivy hangs off the trees, creating a lush environment for a steady climb along the undulating canyon wall.

As you start your hike you’ll encounter plenty of shade from the tress and brush yet as you get closer to the top this shade becomes less and less available so bring a baseball cap or your favorite hiking cap. Once you reach the 1/3 mile point, take a deep breath and peer down the canyon for the first glimpse of the ocean beyond the mount of the canyon.


Anytime of the year you make this hike be sure to pack a water bottle for each hiker and have them at the ready because you will most certainly build up a thirst. A small backpack is highly recommended because a couple miles across flat land may seem simple I can tell you that this steep, varied hike with switchbacks will work all your muscles and If you pack light snacks for you and your hiking partner you’ll find that once you reach the 2.6 mile summit the reward is a magnificent view you will never forget.


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