Film Historian Robert Osborne has died

March 7th, 2017 | by Annie
Film Historian Robert Osborne has died

Film historian Robert Osborne, the bright and debonair host of Turner Classic Movies has died at 84 years of age.

Mr. Osborne was the original host of the TCM tv show since it’s beginning in 1994. He was originally from a rural farming town in Colfax, Washington. His father was a high school teacher and Robert majored in Journalism at the University of Washington and spent two years in the Air Force in Seattle. While stationed in Seattle on his off days worked as a actor on stage with Jane Darwell (from Grapes of Wrath) and she said he should look into full time show business. With new found enthusiasm Mr. Osborne moved to Los Angeles to become an actor, and gained the interest of Lucille Ball at Desi Arnaz’s Desilu Studios. Mrs. Ball, who remained a mentor to him actually until her death in 1989, encouraged Mr. Osborne to pursue film writing — “especially after she saw me act,” Osborne said.


In 1977 after several acting rolls, Mr. Osborne took on the position of the famed film/stage/book reviewer as the “Rambling Reporter” for The Hollywood Reporter and of course went on to host Ted Turner’s commercial-free classic movie network as on air film historian. And as they say ladies and gentlemen the rest is history.

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