Beautiful La Jolla

April 14th, 2017 | by Annie
Beautiful La Jolla

La Jolla is roughly 2 hours south of Los Angeles – a trip made all that much easier by making a stop for bottled water, Backyard BBQ Kettle chips and jumbo bag of mini PayDay bars. If you’re feeling bold and you have the energy (and remembered to bring along your passport), from La Jolla you can cross the border into Mexico in just over 30 minutes. La Jolla is pronounced “La Hoya” and it’s a gorgeous patch of San Diego county where both regular folks and the wealthy co-mingle in what appears to be perfect harmony.


Once we arrived in Laguna we found covered parking at $7.00 for the entire day. Very convenient! I found a restaurant with blue water views called The Cottage and the hostess could not have been nicer. She let us know it was a 10 minute wait but once she called our name we got the corner table facing the water! We thanked her and began snapping photos immediately.

Once we settled down we had a look at the menu and ordered a couple of their top end salads along with their fresh fruit and herb signature cocktails. Our friendly server arrived with our drinks promptly however the cocktails lacked any “punch” or should I say liquor? They were actually quite tasteless and watery, with a sprig of sage showing a bit of originality. Well we did not complain so it was our own fault. Of course then our salads arrived and again we were disappointed by what turned out to be bland and unimaginative lunch fare. Again, happy with our view we decided to say nothing and paid our bill and tipped 20%.

We made our way down to the ocean where they had their annual Concours de Elegance. We strolled past the antique and new cars and took in some of the pageantry. From there we hiked further down to the waters edge and found ourselves surrounded by families of seals. The seals were basking in the sun and taking a dip in the chilled water now and again. Some were kissing and playing while others preferred to spar each other. I’ve never been this close to seals in the wild and there are signs which ask you not to take a selfie with the baby seals as our human scent can turn off mother seals. So we stayed a good distance as they are loud and intimidatingly large. They’d knock my 95 pound body in a heartbeat.


We wanted to stay the night but had plans early the following day so we all made our way to Eddie V’s which was a recommend from one of our friends #1 because it had a fabulous view. #2 The drinks and food menu were said to be almost legendary. Since we had lunch only a couple hours ago we decided on more cocktails and an order of lobster tacos. The cocktails were spectacular and more than made up for the watery drinks at The Cottage restaurant. The lobster tacos arrived and while they were just two they looked and tasted like nothing I’ve had before. There we were at the oceans edge eating fresh lobster and loving every minute while dowsing with martinis. We ordered the banana’s foster and got down to business. The restaurant has two outdoor seating areas and looks very high end despite prices similar to The Cottage. So remember next time you’re in La Jolla come hungry and go to Eddie V’s. Do not be intimidated by the high end look of the place as families and large groups are welcome.


Once we were sufficiently fed and took in a well crafted cocktail we had to say goodbye to the beach and make our way back to the car. It wasn’t easy to leave our ocean view table at Eddie V’s let me tell ya!







Once you’ve taken in all the beach and sun you possibly can and yearn for something more you could easily make the winding drive past the seven figure homes on your way up to the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial. What you get is 180 degree views of what seems to be the entire county of San Diego. There are steps which plateau in three tiers, each with the surrounding wall covered in digitized photos and brief details like the one for actor Cliff Robertson who served in WWII and was a long time resident of La Jolla. It’s really interesting what you find if you let yourself out of your comfort zone. There is a parking lot and limited toilet facilities but the view is spectacular.

“The only memorial that honors veterans, living or deceased, from the revolutionary war to the current war on terror, with an image of the veteran.”


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