Xmas Season At Universal City Walk

December 15th, 2016 | by Annie
Xmas Season At Universal City Walk

Hello Hollywood Fans! I took a day trip to Universal Studios this weekend and let me tell you with the somewhat cooler weather I was able to experience the best attractions, even the “get wet” Jurassic Park Discovery Center.  The crowds weren’t as strong, we got a northern breeze and in the end the tourists were all smiles.

CityWalk is still one of the finest places for seeing most of Southern California’s most popular attractions in cliff notes format. It’s a cute little place to have a drink, see an IMAX movie and have a nice night of dinner and wine at the famous Wolfgang Puck’s.

I’ve included several photos from our day out on the town and hope you enjoy them and that they hopefully spur you onto your own visit during the holiday season!




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