Porsche-fest at Luftgekuhlt!

April 14th, 2016 | by Annie
Porsche-fest at Luftgekuhlt!
On Location

I’m always looking for local weekend happenings in Los Angeles and when a friend said “car show” I thought to myself well now that wouldn’t be at the top of my list but then they mentioned early model Porsche’s and I said sure what time will you be picking me up!
I’ll say it here now. I love Porsche’s and I don’t feel there’s anything snobby or elitist in saying so. They are unabashedly the cutest, jelly bean shaped cars I’ve ever seen or driven. Porsche 911’s have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes other cars look staid. It’s not Ferrari or Lamborghini flash and yet it is beautiful to behold. I mean you start with what seems on paper is a regular 2 door sedan and they’ve placed the engine in the rear. The body slopes, swoops and curves in an altogether lyrical fashion that harkens back to the designs of a previous era while looking completely of it’s time. The design provides room only for two but you can squeeze in 2 more friends who might need a lift if it’s not too far away (I know because we’ve tried it on many occasions). You could honestly say there is no excess in the proportions of a Porsche 911. It’s like a petite girl who packs a punch…haha!
Anyway, so I’m sure we’re all well acquainted with the looks and design of the Porsche 911 through the ages and this show called Luftgekuhlt III which means air-cooled in German, was dedicated to the entire range of Porsche’s from 1948 to 1998. Since that time Porsche made the switch to water-cooled boxer six cylinder engines.
Some of the curated attendees at Luftgekuhlt III included cars that looked as if they had been towed to the venue which for this year was what looked like a lumber yard and fiberglass furniture making facility. Yes, I thought the same thing when I got the invite, dull, dry and dirty. But what Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long and Howie Idelson produced was nothing short of an outdoor art gallery of painted metal emotions. They actually arranged the cars which had arrived by their very owner/drivers by model, 911, 912, 914…then spread them in a rainbow colored fashion like dominoes. It’s hard to capture the spirit of the event in photos but I can tell you that with a DJ playing chill tunes, food, drink and optional beer garden on tap, this was sick.
Oh yes, celebrities! There was the handsome Patrick Dempsey in his leather jacket, Jerry Seinfeld in his trademark jeans, polo and sneakers, Tom Papa and newspapers and magazines from the L.A. Times to Forbes.
The day culminated in the auctioning of a 1985 Porsche 911 which had been restored and transformed into a surprisingly beautiful rally car. Painted brilliant white with black metal accents, the car which included a custom interior and rooftop luggage rack truly looked every bit the kind of thing you could use run in the Paris to Dakar rally but it’s way too nice for that. The car which started at 60k finally settled in at $275k which caused the crowd to hush for a few seconds before cheering and applauding excitedly.
One thing I would recommend is wear something fashionable but keep it simple. Think skinny jeans, a trendy t-shirt with sneakers or flats. Another thing to keep in mind is to arrive early so you can find street parking. The adjacent lot provided parking at $25 but was filled by the time the gates opened. They charged $10 a person at the gate and the brainchild behind it all was conducting traffic for each of the Porsche entrants as they arrived letting them know where on the map they needed to park their works of art. Some quite unique Porsche knick knacks and t-shirts were available inside the Modernica building and the crowds never stopped.
No this wasn’t your usual car show inside a convention center, under the bright lights and gorgeous girls in glitter. This was really a car show presented by people who know and love the Porsche brand and they invite all of their friends in the Porsche community to share in the moment. See you all at Luftgekuhlt IV!

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