Night at PUMP – West Hollywood

October 7th, 2016 | by Annie
Night at PUMP – West Hollywood

We had reservations for PUMP on Saturday night for our best friends birthday.  As soon as we arrived it was dusk and the beautifully magical twinkly lights of PUMP had us feeling like we were all little princesses.  Of course some of our party arrived early so we made our way to the bar and ordered a refreshing cocktail from a quite friendly bartender.  Once all of our party arrived we settled in at the garden table we had reserved for the night.

I spotted Ken Vanderpump behind the bar and we struck up some conversation. He was quite a gentleman, smartly dressed and you quickly understand why he is such a tremendously successful restauranteur.  Ken asked us what the occasion was and I told him we were celebrating a birthday.  He immediately turned to the bartender and said please send a bottle of champagne to their table, compliments of Vanderpump.  I thought he was very gracious and I raised my glass to his and we both said “cheers”.  Shortly thereafter a waiter made his way to our table with the champagne which we absolutely loved.  It was a very special night indeed.

We may return for their famous Saturday or Sunday brunch some day.  We absolutely loved the PUMP!


Our waiter arrived with a bottle of complimentary champagne compliments of Vanderpump.


We even spotted Ken Vanderpump behind the bar.


Was the atmosphere amazing?  Was the food delicious AND would we ever return to PUMP restaurant in the future, you ask? Ladies and gentlemen, it may not be pretty but I proudly give you the aftermath…


Pump Restaurant
606 N Robertson Blvd,
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 289-2824




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