Lunch at the Alcove

April 24th, 2016 | by Annie
Lunch at the Alcove

The Alcove is a fab little cafe that makes wondrous, nay superior food items, in huge proportions and if you still have room after your meal their bakery is off the charts sugary delicious. Just about a mile or two from the famous Griffith Park observatory, this restaurant makes the perfect stop before or after your day at the top of the hill.

Many say you almost always see a star seated somewhere in the restaurant and while we didn’t spot anyone whom we’d say were A-list, we practically pulled our neck muscles during people-watching activities.

This restaurant has some history and it is said that the Alcove is housed in two of the oldest houses in Los Feliz: a Spanish duplex built in 1916 and a Craftsman cottage built in 1897. So it’s not your run of the mill glass and metal monolith. The place has a natural flow but it has it’s quirks as if you were walking into someone’s private home. You place your order at a glass counter and watch and wait as your food is crafted. You may decide to add items like cookies and a slice of layered cake while you wait and your eyes meander.

Here’s a tip, because the restaurant seating is limited and first come first serve, if you order cocktails or beer you can be seated almost immediately. No waiting in line for your food. A waitress arrives taking your order and food comes up quick – cocktails quicker! We did just that and got ourselves a cozy table right outside the beautiful and ornate bar. Couldn’t have been happier. The service was without pier and so very friendly. The lunch – with cocktails – is expensive in fact our bill came to $90.00 for five cocktails, steak salad, chicken pesto sandwich and a side of golden delicious french fries served up in a humungous punch bowl. As I’ve mentioned several times here the portions are legendary and so that can take the sting out the final tab especially if you group order.

During the Spring which is when I’ve written this story, they offer screenings of films during dinner while you eat. This month includes screening 5 selected films on the third Monday of the month starting in May and going through September. They offer special cocktails to make it memorable. Bring your friends they’ll be so impressed with you!

side table for drinks and food

side table for drinks and food

For details and special events please visit their website at

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