Disney’s California Adventure!

February 8th, 2016 | by Annie
Disney’s California Adventure!

Hi Everyone!

Yes I made it out to Disneyland’s California Adventure Park and found it to be an amazing place with many secret features you will want to learn more about. Yes, there are the outrageous rides like California Screamin’, Tower of Terror and Cars Land but the park also offers adventure after dark like live music and dancing. In this story I will cover the dance party known as the “Mad T Party”. There is a corner of the park where they retreat the original Disney Animation studio along with what looks like a typical back lot at a Hollywood movie studio. Well, just beyond that area you will find the street leads to a stage, which leads to another stage and a couple of open air bars. Yes, I did say bars! There you are smack in the middle of Disney family entertainment and you can at the same time enjoy an adult beverage.

The band was dressed as characters from Alice In Wonderland. The lead singers were Alice and the Mad Hatter. The Alice character was dressed as the naughty version which you might see now and again at Halloween. Very cute, tasteful yet at the same time there is no denying she was sexy rock goddess. The Mad Hatter was a gangly, skinny fella who reminded me of Tom Petty. He had a great voice and fabulous stage presence. We all grabbed a cocktail d’jour in colorful plastic glasses filled with blinking light ice cubes. This only made the experience all the more exciting and once the band took the stage the crowd went bonkers. Young and old we all loved the show which was 80’s themed with such hits from Duran Duran, The Cure, Flock of Seagulls, you get the idea.
When the band takes a break, then a smaller stage opposite them has a dance troupe that entertains for about 15 minutes. And after the dancers wind down the original stage lights up again but this time with a DJ playing all types of crazy fun mixes until of course the Mad Hatter and Alice take the stage once more.

I would say that if you are at the park for more than one day this would be worth it either for young people or parents as a nice getaway and while you can bring along children to this area I would keep it all to yourself as your secret. If you’re a Southern California local then this would be a great way to party the night away with your besties.

Details for Mad T Party show times are available from the Disney website:


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