CTN Animation Expo Burbank

November 24th, 2016 | by Annie
CTN Animation Expo Burbank

I had heard good things about the CTN Animation Expo and added it on my calendar months earlier so I wouldn’t forget. So I packed it up and I made my way to the Marriott Hotel at Bob Hope Burbank Airport. The CTNX show now in it’s seventh year claims to have married animation professionals from both the traditional and digital worlds and “Putting The Talent Center Stage”.  And they darned well didn’t disappoint this year. The show was well attended by both the biggies like Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks and WarnerBrothers as well as numerous high profile animators, story board artists for hire and the occasional incredibly talented school teacher who enjoy illustration as their hobby.


Most of the CTNX show is hosted within the Burbank Marriott main meeting/conference room where you also had the choice of expo floor live shows as well as more intimate (and pricey) Conversations with Creators. We visited almost every booth including well known Disney artists Lorelay Bove (Wreck it Ralph, Big Hero 6) and Brittney Lee (Frozen, Paperman).  They were both extremely upbeat and friendly to us and their booths were next to each other.  You were able to buy their prints in many formats and shapes, that included clutch bags with their wonderful images.

Some of the most interesting booths included artists actually performing their work in front of you.  Some artists would break from their work to chat you up while others worked diligently completing a commissioned piece in silence.


Would we recommend the CTNX show? I have to say a resounding YES! The only thing to keep in mind is the show requires a lot of walking and if you wander outside it can be warm so dress comfortable.  Also remember to bring loads of cold hard cash. Some artists had Square which allows you to purchase their many prints, purses and t-shirts, others credit card readers but the lone ATM at the hotel quickly ran out of green backs and there is no nearby bank.  Sometimes the Square reader wouldn’t work, so cash is recommended. There are plenty of food options, including the Daily Grill and a Starbuck’s coffee lounge inside the hotel. Outside, the hotel had set up food stations with your standard hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken options. If that wasn’t enough there were are a slew of fast food options across the street.

Cost: $55.00 per person (additional $$ for Conversations with Creators)




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