Chicago – Tour of the Windy City

February 19th, 2016 | by Annie
Chicago – Tour of the Windy City

Let me start by saying Chicago is a great city made even more fantastic by personalities that on the surface seem a bit gruff but chip away by asking questions and you’ll get all the conversation you desire. These people are the real deal and we made friends for life this week in mid-30 degree weather.

We decided it was time for a place that had gorgeous views AND cocktails so our taxi driver recommended The Drake Hotel. This is a fine old hotel and it overlooks Lake Michigan. We spent the evening at the bar called Coq d’Or (young rooster) and shared conversation with some of the patrons who were overwhelmingly from Chicago – which was great! I hear that High Tea is not to miss but this bar opened for business after the repeal of Prohibition, on December 6, 1933, one of the first to obtain a liquor license so there’s a bit of pride that permeates this pub.

That’s Lake Michigan and what a site it is in winter time! At once starkly calm and beautiful emotion.

We hiked up to what used to be known as the John Hancock building but is now called 360 Chicago. Originally the second tallest building in the world, from here you can see what appears to be the entire universe or something quite close to it.

Yes, this is the same bridge which overlooks a green flowing Chicago River during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I couldn’t pass on this photo opportunity.


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  1. Clarry says:

    Oh wow I’ve been thinking about going to Chicago for ages and I think this has convinced me to book my ticket! Thanks Annie! 👍

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