Ice Cube Live in Long Beach

September 14th, 2015 | by Annie
Ice Cube Live in Long Beach


One of my girlfriends happens to be a huge hip hop fan. And so it was that we got tickets to see Ice Cube live this past weekend, right nearby the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  There were a few opening acts which weren’t fabulous but of course we didn’t show up for them.  And besides life is an adventure and we know how to entertain ourselves.

And then Ice Cube took the stage and the outdoor stage came alive.  The place was pumpin’!  There was no stopping what we thought were our fabulous dance moves as place shook with the pounding bass.  But then some type of ruckus was taking place at the front of the stage, aka the mosh pit.  Yes, in fact a fight broke out and it was escalating fairly quickly.  So Ice Cube had finished no more than five songs when he declared the concert over with.  The whole time we kept our dance moves going and we were talking with new friends we had met before security guards took the stage and told the audience the show was officially over.

This was my first hip hop concert and I hope it won’t be my last.  We had quite an adventure and I’d say that more than ever before I’m ready for more. Except for my feet.  You see I was wearing five inch pumps and while my feet looked pretty and dazzling, they can only take so much dancing and standing.  The blisters began their awakening and I couldn’t catch an uber ride fast enough.  We popped into a cute little Irish pub on 2nd Street and partied on till well into the night.  Lovely night out as I remember it!


You can check out the upcoming events at the Queen Mary lot in Long Beach for yourself at

1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802
Or there’s always the telephone: (877) 342-0738

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