Actor Kevin Corcoran – Moochie

October 7th, 2015 | by Annie
Actor Kevin Corcoran – Moochie

Actor Kevin Corcoran passed away today. Born in Santa Monica in 1949, Kevin began his career as a Disney Mousketeer and continued onto his arguably most memorable film in the evergreen Old Yeller (1957) where he played the toe-head cute little brother Arliss, who couldn’t get enough of the yellow labrador retriever until he discovered the yellow lab puppy towards the end of the film. I think every parent watches that film with their child at some point in their early life.  Walt’s own son in law Ron Miller had second assistant credits on the film.

In 1960 he played the role of Little orphan Toby Tyler where after continued mistreatment from his foster parents he runs away to join a traveling circus and befriends the trained monkey. These are stories that really don’t even make that much sense in a modern society yet these films somehow continue to resonate with peoples emotions.

As an adult Mr. Corcoran went onto produce and direct many films and tv shows.  You can have a look at what the IMDB film database has to say but I think all of us today and future generations will remember him as a child actor who knows how to get the best from his trusty yellow lab Old Yeller.



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