Lakers Courtside Seats

February 24th, 2014 | by Annie
Lakers Courtside Seats

I’m a huge sports fan and accepting courtside seats to a Lakers game was a lifetime dream come true!

Lakers vs Brooklyn

It was unfortunately a big win for the traveling Brooklyn Nets and sitting this close to the action made the 108 – 102  loss all the more painful for my Lakers. I continued to pan the floor during time-outs that Sunday night looking for celebrities and I did see Jefferey Katzenberg whom as you might already know is CEO of DreamWorks Animation and former chairman of The Walt Disney Company.  Other than that I couldn’t make out any additional celebs.

The game was so close I got lost in the excitement and didn’t snap that many photos, so please enjoy this one of the lovely and gorgeously sexy Laker girls performing their halftime routine.


Cheers everybody!

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